A Homeowner’s Experience: Resort-Inspired Touches, Al Fresco Dining, and More

The DesignHOME Studio’s team interviewed a recent client to explore their experience and insights into the custom home building process.  A family of 4 originally from New York, our client delves into their favorite aspects of their Pennsylvania home.

Building a Home in Pennsylvania

Southeastern Pennsylvania, a region steeped in history and stunning landscapes, serves as the perfect home for so many families. From the bustling streets of Philadelphia to the picturesque countryside, Southeastern PA offers a unique blend of urban life and rural charm. 

For our client, building their dream home in this vibrant region was driven by a deep appreciation for its rich history and serene surroundings. When asked about why they chose Southeastern PA in particular, the homeowner said, “it offers a perfect blend of peaceful suburban living, great schools and proximity to Philadelphia, New York and Washington D.C.”

Delving into the Building Process

Utilizing architectural magazines, Houzz, and Pinterest, the homeowners drew inspiration from their favorite upscale resorts and hotels to create a functional and welcoming space. “We aimed for a sophisticated yet cozy ambiance throughout the house,” the client stated.

Reflecting on the Home Building Journey

As they reflected on the journey, we asked the homeowners about their advice for those looking to build a home of their own. They emphasized the importance of carefully articulating your vision for the home, as well as learning to communicate openly with the builder.

“Take your time in the design planning stages,” the homeowner states. ”Set forth your cost ceiling and let the design team design to the numbers.”

In hindsight, the homeowners acknowledge minor adjustments they might have made in allocating resources, such as spending less on tile and more on lighting. But they emphasize their “overwhelming” satisfaction with the complete experience.

Crafting a Culinary Haven

When asked about their favorite space in the home, there was no hesitation: the kitchen.

Central to their vision was a kitchen that encourages guests to linger. “We wanted a social kitchen, that kind of felt like a restaurant for entertaining family and friends,” the homeowner said. Enhanced storage solutions, a full-service bar, and exquisite lighting elevate the space, offering a feast for the senses.

Modern Features & Small Touches

Embracing the era of smart living, the homeowners integrated cutting-edge technologies into their home, ensuring unparalleled convenience and efficiency. “From sound, audio to full control of lights, security, and thermostats……everything is controllable from apps that are easy to use.”

The homeowners are treated to a “breathtaking” view each morning as the sun bathes the master suite in a golden glow. A hotel-inspired pool sparkles in the sunlight, inviting serenity and relaxation. The client mentioned loving “the amount of daylight that streams through the home, but also the architectural lighting at night creates a warm and cozy atmosphere.”


Outdoor Living

Whether hosting summer barbecues or basking in the tranquility of the surroundings, the outdoor spaces serve as an extension of the family’s lifestyle. The homeowner mentioned, “Our favorite way to use the outdoor spaces is by hosting gatherings and enjoying al-fresco dining.” Landscaped gardens and an inviting patio make this home a favorite amongst guests.

Working With DesignHOME Studios

The decision to entrust their vision to DesignHOME Studios was driven by our reputation for delivering unparalleled excellence in luxury home design.

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“DesignHOME made the entire process easy to understand, put us in control of costs and design. The level of detail and customization available truly amazed us. From the initial design concepts to the final touches, every step was meticulously planned and executed. The seamless coordination between the design and construction was impressive.”


At DesignHOME Studios we distill the complexities of creating incredible homes, on-budget and on-schedule for each of our valued clients.  Schedule a private consultation today to bring your vision to life.

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