Communicating With Your Custom Home Builder: Methods for Seamless Collaboration

In the world of home building, your role as the client is primarily in vision & communication. When you embark on the journey of creating your dream home, you’ll find that the process is as much about the art of conversation as it is about the blueprints. What architectural styles speak to you? What kind of colors do you want to wake up to in the morning? The answers to these kinds of questions are crucial to crafting your home.

Clear communication lays the foundation for a home that is uniquely yours.

But odds are, you are not a home builder, architect, or interior designer. So when you use the term “Modern Farmhouse” or “Traditional” you might not picture the same thing that an architect might. Moreover, it’s not your job to understand this terminology. Explore our guide to communicating your vision clearly with your custom home builder.

Define Your Style

We’re visual people, we’re not expecting you to come in with industry terminology. We’re expecting you to show us your idea of home.

Don’t feel any pressure to use industry jargon to communicate your style. Instead, define your style visually and with simple language. Media is your best friend in this realm. Start a subscription to Elle Decor or Architectural Digest. Set up a Pinterest account and start scrolling. When it comes to discussing your custom home, clarity is crucial.

Keeping concepts clear from the beginning prevents costly misunderstandings

 down the line. Your home builder is going to follow the threads that you give them. So if you’re using the term “Traditional” without understanding what it truly implies, you’re going to send your team down an unintended path.

Add us to your Pinterest board. Bring your dog-eared interior design magazine to your design consultation. All of this helps us refine our understanding of your vision.

Embrace an Air of Collaboration

Once you begin your trek through Pinterest boards and architectural magazines, you’ll find quite a few different styles that resonate with you. Don’t let that stop you from building up a pool of images you like. Rather, work with your Custom Home Builder to bring clarity to your vision.

Herein lies the true crucible of communication—translating the abstract into the concrete. Your home builder may bring decades of experience and knowledge to the table and can bring to light some aspects you might not have previously considered. Bring all forms of inspiration to the table and allow your home builder to sift through the styles & concepts with you. Their experience could guide you toward a design that is even better than what you initially envisioned.

Make Use of Digital Tools

In today’s world, there are countless tools to facilitate communication. From Pinterest Board to shared Houzz Lookbooks, there are plenty of spaces for you to share your vision without a visit to your home builder’s office. Make use of these technologies to keep the lines of communication open.

Regular Updates & Meetings

Regular communication is crucial in a custom home building project. Schedule regular meetings with your builder to discuss progress, address concerns, and make decisions. These meetings will keep you informed about every aspect of the build, allowing you to make timely adjustments if necessary.

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The collaboration between home builder & homeowner is profound. It’s something we celebrate every step of the way.

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