The Complete Guide to a Whole Home Renovation

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Beyond a mere facelift or a quick touch-up, a whole home renovation is a complete transformation – a sweeping canvas upon which homeowners reimagine their living spaces. A whole home renovation honors the rich history of an existing structure, while incorporating modern touches and the personalities of the new owners.

DesignHOME Studios is based in Pennsylvania, a state rich in historic properties with endless potential. Whole home renovations breathe life into these homes and create a space that’s uniquely personal. Find out what goes into the whole home renovation process.

Begin With a Vision

Every great transformation begins with a vision. The journey of a whole home renovation commences with the homeowner’s dreams, desires, and inspirations. This initial stage is where the groundwork is laid, and the blueprint of the dream home takes shape. Architects, interior designers, builders, and homeowners collaborate to give life to this vision. Aspiration, innovation, and functionality blend to shape the aesthetic canvas that will envelope the entire living space.

Reimagining the Architecture

The architectural stage of a whole home renovation is always exciting. You’re presented the opportunity to reimagine the bones of the home. Architects determine how to make the most of a given space and achieve a harmonious flow between rooms. Architects and builders work together to find the hidden potential in any given structure, and create a canvas for interior designers to weave their artistry.

Elevating Interiors

So much of the client’s personality and emotions come through in the interior design stage of the project. Unique textures, colors, and shapes are brought together to create the envisioned aesthetic. All furnishings and decor are meticulously curated to mirror the client’s lifestyle and energy.

Interweaving Functionality

A whole home renovation is not just about aesthetics, it’s about designing your dream home to fit your daily life. Kitchens become culinary sanctuaries, bathrooms become oases of serenity, and bedrooms turn into dreamscapes for rest and rejuvenation. Every nook and cranny is designed with the client in mind.

Custom Home Building in PA

With over 30-years of experience designing & building custom luxury homes, we’ve found the most success comes from everyone sitting at the same table from day 1. This means interior designers, architects, builders, and contractors working in unison from the very inception of the project. 

How do we accomplish this? Through our unique SingleSOURCE model. This process recognizes the interdependence between design, costs, construction and project completion and the need for all team members to be aligned with a common purpose. We transform the process, assuming responsibility for producing the best possible designs, delivering on-time, for a client-established maximum “all-in” cost.

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